APRIL 2015
Guillermo Thisted, the president of Gapp Semillas S.A., has become the new chairman of the Board of the C.S.B.C. (Buenos Aires’ Chamber of Seeds of Cereal Exchange)

On Monday April 20th, 2015 the General Meeting of the Buenos Aires’ Chamber of Seeds of Cereal Exchange was held (C.S.B.C.).

Once the Annual Report and the Balance sheet for the year 2014 were approved, the following authorities were voted for:

The Board
Chairman: Guillermo Thisted (GAPP Semillas S.A.)
Vice-chairman: Pablo Grehan (Alfalfares S.A. - PGG Wrightson Seeds)
Secretary: Joaquín González Bonorino (Gentos S.A.)
Treasurer: Gustavo Picasso (José R. Picasso S.A.)
Permanent voting members: Maximino Borsi (DLF Trifolium AS Soc. Ext.), Tomás Biscayart (Semillas Biscayart S.A.), Matías Piacenza (Agroempresa Semillas S.A.)
Temporary voting members: Martín Zingoni (Forratec Argentina S.A.), Alejandro Navone (Nova S.A.), Santiago Pisonero (Enrique M. Bayá Casal S.A.)

Account monitoring committee
Permanent position holder: Adrián Colaneri (Cereagro S.R.L.)
Temporary position holder: Ricardo Franzani (Franzani S.R.L.)

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