MARCH, 2011
7th Conference on Gapp Forage Update

UA new cycle of Gapp Technical Conferences happened a couple of days ago in different cities of the Argentine Pampean region.

At this time, the meetings were held in the districts of Villa María (in the province of Córdoba), 9 de Julio (in the province of Buenos Aires) and Tandil (in the province of Buenos Aires, as well), on February, 22nd and on March, 1st and 10th, respectively.

At the three meetings: the Agricultural Engineer Juan Lus, the general manager of Gapp Semillas S.A., gave a lecture on handling alfalfa fields; and, the Agricultural Engineer Julio Galli, the professor of the subject “Animal Production” in the Faculty of Zavalla (Universidad Nacional de Rosario) gave a lecture on ingestive behavior in animals when grazing.

In the district of Villa María, the third lecture was given by the Agricultural Engineer Marcelo de León who talked about forage conservation. But, in the district of 9 de Julio, the third lecture was given by the Licenciado Carlos Seggiaro who explained about the new economic perspectives in the livestock industry.

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