Gapp Experience

Equus Pearl Millet

The farmer and Agricultural Engineer David Paniggi sowed the species Equus Pearl Millet on November 4th, 2010 on an 8-hectare plot of land located between the districts of Susana and Aurelia (in the province of Santa Fe).

The direct sowing process of 15 kg. of seeds per hectare was carried out by applying 50kg. of urea (separated from the seed).

On January 13th, 2011, the silage was tube line wrapped. Each bag was filled in up to 56 metres long. After the tube line wrapping process, breeding cows grazed the land for cleaning it up. As the species started to sprout, two more grazing processes were performed by the same sort of cattle.

Of the total plot of land, 1.5 ha. kept intact, and, and the cutting process was later carried out so as to wrap the silage. A total of 16 round bales of silage were made. Rainfalls amounted to 421mm. from September so far to January.

The farmer was surprised at the pretty good condition of the land after having sown the species Equus Pearl Millet.

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