Gapp Experience

Mixed Pasture

The farmer Alberto Mc Lough is devoted to breeding and rebreeding little bulls in the district of Cafferata, province of Santa fe. In the 2010 spring season, he sowed some mixed pastures to get hay and have it grazed.

Its composition was the following:
- Alfalfa Supersonic: 15 kg/ha.
- Bromus of the Copetona sort: 6 kg/ha.
- Already Identified Free Tall Fescue: 5 kg/ha.

Prior to the sowing season, class-1 soils were fertilized with 80 kg/ha of phosphorus that were scattered all around; besides, 0.50 lt/ha of flumetsulam and 2 lt/ha of glyphosate were applied as pre-emergent herbicides.

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