Gapp Experience

GP-406 grain sorghum

At “El Triángulo” facility located in Günther, district of Gral. Pinto, province of Buenos Aires, GP-406 grain sorghum was sown. Prior to the sowing process, the land was left fallow by using glyphosate (3 l./ha.), 50% atrazine (2 l./ha.) and cypermethrin (150 cm.3/ha.).
Direct crop performed over a clearly sandy soil with a density of 18 seeds per metre, at a distance of 52 cm. between rows, finished on November 10th, 2009.
During the sowing process the following substances were added as well: monoammonium phosphate (60 kg./ha.) and urea (120 kg./ha.).

This sorghum yield amounted to 7,400 kg. of dry plants sown on April, 10th this year.

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