Gapp Experience

Annual Rye Grass Dominó

At Don Beto S.H. facilities located at Carlos Tejedor, Province of Buenos Aires, tetraploid Dominó annual ray grass was sown. The crop took place on March 8th, 2010 on a plot of land with 10 ppm of phosphorus; the previous crop had been silage corn. Rainfalls from February to March amounted to 140 mm. On April 25th, 2.4 D (400 cc/ha), dicamba (110 cc/ha) and metsulfuron (4 gr/ha) were sprayed on the crop. On the next days, a calcareous fertilizer will be put on this crop, that is, 60 kg/ha of ammonium nitrate.

Daniel Gondra from Don Beto S.H. said the following: "Dominó is a material that grows at a very fast pace and it also develops excellently despite the fact that on the last 30 days no significant rainfalls have been recorded, the soil is dry and several frosts have been already registered.”

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